Categories: Low Level Waste, IP-1/IP-2/IP-3

Package Type

The SAFTAINER® 2896 is designed as an Industrial Package (IP-2) in accordance with the IAEA SSR-6 2018 Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.  The SAFTAINER® is specifically designed as a reusable transport container but could also be used for disposal.


The SAFTAINER® 2896 is designed and tested to ISO standards and CSC approved.  The design is certified as an Industrial Package Type 2 (IP-2) Transport Packaging.


The SAFTAINER® 2896 is designed as large volume, high payload capacity reusable container for the transport of bulk quantities of radioactive materials.

The SAFTAINER® 2896 is constructed from carbon steel with a large single door at one end.  The door is fitted with a double seal system and is closed by a hydraulic closure system and secured with a mechanical locking mechanism.  The hydraulic closing system is operated by an air driven pump and is also provided with a manual hand operated backup system.  The container is finished inside and out with a durable paint finish for corrosion protection.

The SAFTAINER® 2896 floor incorporates anchorage points to suit a range of standard handling/tie-down equipment to suit customer needs.

Where the standard drum pallet system is used, a pair of I-beams is fitted longitudinally to the floor of the container to effect tie-down of the pallets.

Trailer (optional)

The trailer used in the SAFTAINER® 2896 transport system, is a standard skeletal-type trailer (fitted with twistlocks), used for the transport of 20 ft ISO freight containers.  A moveable platform is added to the rear of the standard trailer.  This platform must be lowered to allow the SAFTAINER® 2896 door to be opened and closed.  The platform also facilitates loading pallets using the JOLODA roller conveyor system. The platform is raised and lowered using the air suspension system fitted to the trailer.


The SAFTAINER® 2896 pallet system is designed to carry 6 drums in one layer (‘6 pack’) or 12 drums in 2 layers (‘12 pack’).  The pallet system consists of a base unit, a top unit and, for 12 pack operation, a middle unit, which locates on top of the lower 6 drums.

The pallet system is tied together by tensioning straps from the top unit to the base unit.

The pallet system is tied down to the SAFTAINER® 2896 by a pin locking system fitted beneath the pallet which engages heavy duty pins (fitted to the pallet) into the two I-beams fitted to the floor of the SAFTAINER® 2896.

Roller Conveyor System

The SAFTAINER® 2896 can be fitted with a JOLODA roller conveyor system, which uses rails fastened to the SAFTAINER® floor, and two portable skates.  The JOLODA roller conveyor system operates by jacking the pallet off the floor using the hydraulic system fitted to each skate, allowing a loaded pallet to be pushed manually into the SAFTAINER® 2896.


The SAFTAINER® 2896 has a fully seal welded containment boundary.  The door has a double seal (incorporating a seal interspace) and a test point.  The door seal can be leak tested in approximately 15 minutes.  The body seal welds are leakage tested at manufacture and re-verified at periodic maintenance.

The containment system provides containment of particulate contents.  A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is fitted to the door.  The HEPA filter prevents pressure difference developing across the containment boundary, thus ensuring there no particulate leakage from the container during transport.

Approved Contents

Non-fissile solid radioactive materials (including powders) that qualify as either Low Specific Activity (LSA-I, II or III) or Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO-I, II or III), packaged in such a manner that ensures that the external radiation levels of the package, during routine and normal conditions of transport, are within regulatory limits.

Modes of Transport

By road, rail or sea.

Physical Data

Section through Package Design No 2896
Design No 2896
External Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)6058 (20') x 2438 (8') x 2591 (8’6”)
Internal Length (mm)5848 (19’2”)
Internal Door (W x H) (mm)2080 (6'9") x 2260 (7'5")
External Volume (m³)38 (1360ft)
Tare Weight (tonne)4.4
Maximum Permitted Contents Weight (tonne)20.6
Maximum Gross Weight of Package (including Contents) (tonne)25
ComponentTrailer for
Design No 2896
Bed Length (mm)7920 (26')
Bed Width (mm)2440 (8')
Bed Height (mm)1140 (3'9")
Tie-down SystemTwistlocks
Tare Weight (tonne)5 (approx)
ComponentPallet System for
Design No 2896
Length (mm)1351 (4’5 ¼”)
Width (mm)1893 (6’2 ½”)
Height (mm) - 1 layer of 200 litre drums1300 (4'3")
Height (mm) - 2 layers of 200 litre drums2214 (7'3")
No. of Standard Pallets3
Non-standard PalletsNon-standard pallets can be provided if required
Non-palletised ItemsLarge heavy items can be carried without pallets. The container has provisions for tie-down of large heavy items