Our innovative thinking enables us to meet all our customers’ needs and ensures the protection of people and the environment

We have a strong ethos within the company for always making things safer, more effective and more reliable

Over 40 years of innovative solutions that enable the safe transport, storage and disposal of radioactive materials

Whatever your requirement, we can advise on the most appropriate and economic solution to meet your needs

We have developed a broad range of skills and expertise in radioactive materials transport packaging and utilise these in the development of our own products and those of our customers.  Our core technical expertise and capabilities are listed below.

Design and Development

Design development of packaging designs from initial conceptual schemes through to fully detailed designs to meet customer and regulatory requirements. The designs are underpinned by extensive research and development.


Our testing services include structural, impact, thermal, pressure, and leakage testing. Testing can be performed at the component level or full scale package testing. We also utilise testing extensively for benchmarking of FEA models.


We provide a comprehensive range of licensing services for transport packagings, including the self-approved licensed designs and Competent Authority approvals through regulatory bodies worldwide.

Manufacture & Procurement

The manufacture of Croft packages and procurement of commercial off-the shelf components are carried out to Croft’s certified and approved quality management system.


Maintenance service for all packaging types (IP, Type A and Type B). We also develop comprehensive maintenance manuals which address the latest regulatory requirements regarding package ageing effects and consideration of the effects of human factors upon safety and performance.

Package Rental

From a stock of commonly used packagings, including our SAFPAK®, SAFKEG®, SAFSHIELD®, and SAFTAINER® packaging designs.


We offer a range of supporting training services under our IKE Nuclear Assured® accreditation. The training can be utilised by customers for employee learning and development and SQEP compliance.


We offer an extensive range of consultancy and advisory services in support of packaging and transport of radioactive materials across a broad scope of technical and scientific disciplines.


Core Values


In everything we do, we strive to ensure our customer’s satisfaction, no matter how simple or complex their requirements.


Safety and the protection of people and the environment is at the heart of all our work. Sometimes this calls for innovation and you will find this is ably supported by our team’s expertise and dedication.


Our innovative thinking enables us to meet all our customers’ needs and ensures the protection of people and the environment. In our work we strive to deliver packaging solutions that themselves have minimal impact upon the environment.