GP-Type A-2767R-SAFPAK-NOV14


Design No: 2767R
Cavity: 31mm x 63mm (inner)

Contents: Samples, Liquids, Solids
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Package Type

Designed as a Type A Package to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


Certified as a general purpose Type A Package and in particular for the carriage of medical radionuclides in a solids or liquid form.


The SAFPAK is designed as a reusable package and consists of an Outer Container Drum (Design No 2767) which carries a Shielding Pot (Design No 2944) within shock absorbing plastic foam packing.

The Outer Container Drum has a pressed stainless steel body and lid with a bayonet action closure.

The Shielding Pot is a stainless steel lead shielded pot fitted with a shielding plug and sealing closure.  Liquid contents in a vial or solid material in suitable primary containers may be carried within the cavity of the shielding pot.  The Shielded Pot provides shielding equivalent to 44 mm of lead.


The containment system is provided by the Shielding Pot together with (when contents are liquid), the sealed glass or plastic vial.

Section through Package Design No 2767R

Section through Package Design No 2767R

Approved Contents

  • Medical radionuclides in liquid form in a vial.  Solids within suitable primary containers or capsules may be carried
  • Liquid contents are limited to a maximum volume of 20 cm3 (packed in absorbent material if non-sealed capsules are used)
  • The contents are also limited to A1 for material in special form and A2 for other material with the additional requirement that the contents are limited to ensure that the external dose levels of the package, during routine and normal conditions of transport, as loaded and presented for transport, are within regulatory limits

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea, air and inland waterway.

Physical Data

Outer Container 2767 Foam Packing Inner Container 2944


External Diameter (mm)

External Height (mm)


Internal Diameter (mm)

Internal Height (mm)


Weight (kg)

























Maximum Weight of Contents (kg) 0.5
Maximum Weight of Package Design No 2767R including Contents (kg) 22.4


(GP-Type A-2767R-SAFPAK-OCT15)