GP-Type B-2767B-SAFPAK-NOV14


Design No: 2767B
Cavity: 84mm x 121mm

Contents: Samples, Liquids, Solids, Fissile Material
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Package Type

Designed as a Type B(U) Package to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


Pending.  Previously certified by the UK Competent Authority as a B(U) Package, this approval is being processed under the current SSR-6 2012 regulations.

Validations may be available for other countries.


The SAFPAK consists of an Outer Container Drum (Design No 2767) which carries a resealable Inner Container (Design No 2775) within insulating and shock absorbing cork packing.

The Outer Container Drum has a pressed stainless steel body with a bayonet closing action stainless steel lid.

The Inner Container is a resealable stainless steel containment vessel.


The resealable Inner Container provides the containment system for the package.  The lid of the container has an O-ring seal with an interspace between the O-ring seals; the interspace facilitates leak testing to ensure that the seals achieve the prescribed levels of leak tightness.

To reduce the possibility of contaminating the resealable Inner Container, primary containers such as screw top cans or capsules are normally used to carry the contents, securely packed to prevent internal displacements under normal conditions of transport.

Section through Package Design No 2767B

Section through Package Design No 2767B 

Approved Contents

Specifically intended to cover samples and/or small quantities of radioactive material in solid form (generally elemental oxide or carbide) consisting of separate radionuclide or mixtures of the following radioactive material:

  • Fissile excepted quantities of Plutonium and Uranium
  • Americium and Curium
  • Plutonium/Uranium or Americium/Beryllium neutron sources
  • Maximum heat emission of the contents is not to exceed 5 watts

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea, air and inland waterway.

Physical Data


Outer Container

Design No 2767

Inner Container

Design No 2775

External Diameter (mm)

External Height (mm)





Internal Diameter (mm)

Internal Height (mm)





Weight (kg) 5.1 6.2
Maximum Weight of Contents (kg) 4.5
Maximum Weight of Package Design No 2767B including Contents (kg) 15.8


(GP-Type B-2767B-SAFPAK_OCT15)