GP-Type B-2799E-SAFKEG-NOV14


Design No: 2799E
Cavity: 116mm x 200mm

Contents: Solids, Bulk Isotopes, Fissile Material
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Package Type

Designed as a Type B(U) Package to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


Certified as a Type B(U) package by the UK Competent Authority.

Validations are available for other countries.


The SAFKEG consists of an Outer Container Keg (Design No 2799) which carries a resealable stainless steel Inner Container (Design No 2812) within insulating and shock absorbing cork packing.

The Outer Container Keg has a fabricated stainless steel body with a large stainless steel lined cavity and a bolted stainless steel lid. The space provided between the fabricated body and the lined cavity is filled with phenolic foam insulation.


The resealable Inner Container provides the containment system for the package. The lid of the container has a double O-ring seal with an interspace between the O-ring seals which facilitates leak testing to ensure that the seals achieve the prescribed levels of leak tightness.

Section through Package Design No 2799E

Section through Package Design No 2799E

Approved Contents

  • Currently approved for Americium 241, Neptunium 237, Plutonium, and/or Uranium as metals, oxides, carbides as compressed or uncompressed powders. Other contents could be approved if required
  • Maximum activity will depend on the nature of the contents. Maximum contents heat emission is not to exceed 10 watts

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea, air and inland waterway.

Physical Data


Outer Container

Design No 2799

Inner Container

Design No 2812

External Diameter (mm)

External Height (mm)





Internal Diameter (mm)

Internal Height (mm)





Weight (kg) 46 7.3
Weight of Cork Packing (kg) 0.3
Maximum Weight of Contents (kg) 11.5
Maximum Weight of Package Design No 2799E including Contents (kg) 65.1


(GP-Type B-2799E-SAFKEG-OCT15)