NuSTORE® 3954

Categories: Intermediate Level Waste, IP-1/IP-2/IP-3

Package Type

Designed as an Industrial Package (IP-2) in accordance with the IAEA SSR-6 2018 Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


The NuSTORE® 2 metre Box (Design No 3954) has been certified as a non-fissile Industrial Package for the carriage of Low Specific Activity (LSA) or Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO) that have been conditioned (that is, grouted prior to transport to fill all voids and spaces within the waste matrix such that it presents an essentially solid monolithic block for transport).  The container has also been assessed as meeting the CSC and ISO requirements for ISO Freight Containers.

Alternative certification available on request.


The NuSTORE® 3954 is large cavity stainless steel containment vessel with internal concrete shielding.  The NuSTORE® 3954 has been designed as a self shielded storage, transport and disposal package for Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) that qualifies as either LSA or SCO.

The NuSTORE® 3954 is compatible with Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), formerly RWM, specification for the 2 metre box waste package, and has been designed to accommodate ILW that is intended for disposal within a geological disposal facility.  It is also designed to meet all current transport and disposal requirements after a period of extended on-site storage.

The NuSTORE® 3954 can be supplied in a range of shield wall thicknesses, allowing optimisation against cavity volume for different activity contents.

Containment / Shielding

  • Stainless steel outer surface, all welded except for bolted lid closure.
  • Closure via a double lid: inner cast concrete shielded lid providing the same shielding as the container body and a steel outer transport lid with verifiable seals and bolted closure.
  • HEPA filtered vent in lid to allow gas release but prevent particulate release (option to seal the vent for transport).

Approved Contents

As a non-fissile Type IP the NuSTORE® 3954 is designed to carry solid radioactive materials that qualify as either LSA or SCO.

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, and sea.

Physical Data

Section through Package Design No 3954
Component2m Box
Design No 3954
Shielding Thickness (normal concrete)
No shielding100
External Dimensions
(L x W x H) (mm)
2438 x 1969 x 2200
Internal Dimensions
(L x W x H) (mm)
2300 x 1830 x 19402220 x 1750 x 1800
Internal Volume (m³)8.17.0
Tare Weight (tonne)39.3
Maximum Permitted Contents Weight (tonne)4740.7
Maximum Gross Weight of Package (including Contents) (tonne)50

NuSTORE 3954_V1