DRUMPAK® 2948/2949/2950

Categories: General Purpose, IP-1/IP-2/IP-3

Package Type

Designed as a reusable Type A / IP-3 Package to the IAEA SSR-6 2018 Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


Certified as a general purpose Type A (solids) or IP-3 (solids and liquids) package, which is used for the carriage of a wide range of radioactive material under non-exclusive use.


The DRUMPAK® consists of a robust stainless steel container incorporating a sealed closure which is simple to operate.  The DRUMPAK® is a family of three sizes (Design No 2948, 2949 and 2950) which are suitable for a wide range of payloads.  The large cavity allows flexibility in packing contents and will accommodate all large pieces of contaminated or activated plant as well the commonly used nominal 200 litre waste drums.  Additionally, inner shielded containers can be used for the transport of higher dose payloads.

Containment / Shielding

The containment system is provided by the DRUMPAK® body, with the inner packaging or contents material forming the secondary containment.  A single EPDM O-ring seal with a clamp band closure forms a seal between the DRUMPAK® top and base sections.

The package does not provide any significant shielding, however inner shielded containers can be transported provided they are suitably packaged and meet the allowable Type A or IP contents limits.

Approved Contents

  • Type A classified radioactive material in solid form (e.g. manufactured equipment, activated items and waste), Low Specific Activity (LSA), or Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO) solid or liquid material which is suitably packed.
  • Maximum gross weight of DRUMPAK® is 450 kg.  This could potentially be increased subject to safety review by the approval authority.
  • The contents must be packed in such a manner so as to prevent movement or point contact during normal conditions of transport.  The contents are also limited to ensure that the external radiation levels of the package, during routine and normal conditions of transport, as loaded and consigned for transport, comply with regulatory limits.

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea and air.

Physical Data

Section through Package Design No 2948/2949/2950
Design No 2948
Design No 2949
Design No 2950
External Diameter (mm)670
External Height (mm)64110001363
Internal Diameter (mm)636
Internal Height (mm)5769351298
Tare Weight (kg)365166
Maximum Permitted Contents Weight (kg)414399384
Maximum Gross Weight of Package (including Contents) (kg)450

DRUMPAK 2948/2949/2950 _V1