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  • Designed for performing pre-shipment leakage tests to ISO 12807 and ANSI N14.5.
  • Particularly suitable for measuring and calculating the leakage rate of double O-ring seal closure arrangements typically present on transport packages for radioactive materials.
  • Measures leakage rate and provides a detailed print-out of the test parameters and results as a Standardised Leakage Rate (SLR)/Reference Air Leakage Rate.

New Features

  • Touch screen interface
  • 8-inch colour screen
  • IP67 case
  • CE and FCC marking
  • Impact and vibration tested
  • Easy reboot
  • Combined measure volume and leakage test if required
  • Test history saved for future print outs
  • Automatic parameter testing

Customers familiar with the CALT®9 operation will be fully conversant with the CALT®10, as the testing principles and the test procedure remain unchanged. The CALT®9 will continue to be supported for spares, maintenance and calibration.



  • Designed for ease of operation within safety critical environments. Fail-safe operation provided by the internal computer, which displays a series of screen prompts; leading the operator through the leakage testing procedure in a simple and comprehensive manner.
  • All calculations are made by the computer, eliminating potential user calculation error. Full test details and results printed out automatically at the end of test, providing a hard copy data set for operational quality control.
  • CALT®10 utilises pressure drop/pressure rise method to provide a quantitative result of leakage rate. The software automatically corrects for the change in dynamic viscosity of air which varies with temperature and converts the measured leakage rate into Standardised Leakage Rate (SLR)/Reference Air Leakage Rate.

Menu Options

The CALT® software has five main options:

  • Leakage Test – Pressure drop or Pressure rise
  • Measure Volume – The volume of the interspace must be known or measured before leakage testing can be carried out
  • Print-Out – Prints out the last test performed or stored tests
  • Gauge – Pressure/temperature gauge with or without a print-out
  • Utilities:
    • Password
    • Calibration
    • Pressure rise or drop
    • Standard (ISO or ANSI)
    • Username to appear on print-out
    • Set system clock and date

Key Features

  • Portable and robust
  • High sensitivity Pressure Transducer
  • Built-in printer
  • User calibration
  • Store calibration for spare transducers
  • Calibration protected against power loss
  • ISO and ANSI test modes
  • Flat front panel for easy contamination monitoring
  • Temperature probe
  • Built-in electric pressuring pump
  • Comprehensive print-out
  • Battery operated and portable
  • External battery socket for charging during storage
  • Supplied with 2 cc reference volume
  • IP67 case and outer components
  • Manual downloadable as App or pdf
  • Built under ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Nominal test sensitivity of 10-6 Pa.m3.s-1 SLR or 10-5 ref.cm3.s-1 (dependent on volume, time and temperature)


The instrument has been designed to be customisable to meet specific user requirements. Bespoke software and/or hardware variations can be supplied to satisfy customer-specific operations.

After Sales Service

A full after sales service is offered including:

  • Calibration and complete instrument functional check over
  • Spare parts/consumables either installed or supplied for user installation
  • Training at Croft or at customer sites
  • Software upgrades and customer-specific changes
  • Hardware modification
  • Hot line support
Typical Containment Vessel Leak Test
ComponentCALT 10
Width (mm)470
Depth (mm)357
Height (mm)176
Weight (kg)10

CALT 10_V1