Announcement in Nuclear News – November 2014 (publication of the American Nuclear Society)

SAFKEG-HS Type B Radwaste packages are now available from Croft Associates Limited. The Model No. 3977A stainless steel containers, designed for shipping radioisotopes used in a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic applications and research, received certification – USA/9338/B(U)96 – from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission earlier this year. Croft developed the packages under contract to the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR) for the transport of some of the reactor’s radioactive materials. The Safkeg-HS packages allow for the shipment of larger bulk quantities of the materials and a wider range of research isotopes, and, according to Croft, will allow expansion into occasional shipments of limited quantities of fissile materials. MURR made its first shipment using the new containers in September.

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