Decommissioning of nuclear plant and process can give rise to a wide range of radioactive waste which will be either classified as low level waste (LLW) or intermediate level waste (ILW).

The packagings are intended for LLW and ILW that can be classified as Low Specific Activity (LSA) material and is suitable for shipment in IP-2 packaging. These packagings can provide both the transport function for the waste as well as the final disposal container (dependent on acceptance criteria).

We supply two types of packagings for LSA material:

  • Containers that do not provide shielding of the contents (ISO freight containers) and suitable for LLW
  • Containers that do provide shielding (Safstore and Safbox) and suitable for ILW and comply with the requirements of RWM, NDA. These containers can provide a viable alternative to shielded stores

We offer numerous types of products to meet specific transportation needs.

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