Design No: 2899A
Cavity: 6.058m x 2.438m x 2.591m (external)

Contents: Solids, LLW
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Package Type

The 2899A SAFTAINER is designed as an Industrial Package in accordance with the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material. The SAFTAINER is specifically designed as a transport and disposal (at LLWR) container.


The 2899A SAFTAINER is designed and tested to ISO standards and CSC approved and has previously been certified as an Industrial Package Type 2 (IP-2) Transport Package..


The 2899A SAFTAINER is a large volume reusable container for the transport of bulk quantities of radioactive materials.

The 2899A SAFTAINER is constructed from mild steel and has a removable lid which is secured and fastened on to the container by a bolted closure. The internal and external surfaces are treated with a durable paint finish for corrosion protection.

The 2899A SAFTAINER was originally designed to be employed as a recovery container for use in emergency response incidents (use in the public domain at discretion of regulatory authorities).


The 2899A SAFTAINER is a resealable containment vessel leak tested on manufacture. The removable lid has a double seal with an interspace between the seals; the interspace facilitates leakage testing, after closure, to ensure that the seals achieve the prescribed level of leak tightness.

Illustration of Package Design No 2899A

Illustration of Package Design No 2899A

Approved Contents

Non-fissile solid radioactive materials that qualify as either Low Specific Activity (LSA) or Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO), packaged in such a manner that ensures that the external radiation levels of the package during routine and normal conditions of transport, are within regulatory limits.

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea and inland waterway.

Physical Data 


Design No 2899

External Height (m) 2.591 (8’6”)
External Length (m) 6.058 (20’)
External Width (m) 2.438 (8’)
Weight (tonne) 3.4
External Volume (m3) 38 (1360ft3)
Loading Aperture Nominal Length (m) 5.430
Loading Aperture Nominal Length (m) 1.890
Maximum Weight including Contents (tonne) 25

All dimensions and weights are nominal values