200 Litre SAFSTORE

Design No: 4007/4036/4037
Cavity: 1.1m3 (nominal) with 100mm iron shielding

Contents: Solids, ILW
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Package Type

Designed as a self shielded storage, transport and disposal container for IP-2 and Type B (with overpack) quantities of radioactive material.


IP-2 certification available on request. Type B application progress on request.

The container design has been awarded a Conceptual stage Letter of Compliance (cLoC) by Radioactive Waste Management Ltd (RWM).


The 200 litre SAFSTORE is designed as a robust storage, transport and disposal overpack for intermediate Level Waste (ILW) with minimum cavity dimensions sized to accommodate a standard 200 litre drum. Manufactured from ductile cast iron (DCI), the container structure provides both shielding and enhanced package performance with minimum reliance contribution from the wasteform.

The 200 litre SAFSTORE is designed to be compatible with the RWM Generic Specification for Waste Packages Containing Low Heat Generating Waste. It is designed to accommodate ILW that is intended for disposal within a geological disposal facility (GDF) without the need for any further packaging or treatment. It is also designed to meet RWM disposability requirements after an extended period of on-site storage. Optional process ports can be included for any post-packaging conditioning of contents.

The 200 litre SAFSTORE can be supplied in a range of shielding wall thicknesses (100mm minimum); allowing optimisation against cavity volume and mass for different activity contents.  Internal volume and empty weights are given for three shielding thicknesses: 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.

For transport as a Type B a re-usable transport overpack is required to provide thermal and impact protection of the 200 litre SAFSTORE.

Illustration of Package 200 litre SAFSTORE (300mm wall)

Illustration of Package 200 litre SAFSTORE (300mm wall) (2)


  • Closure via a double lid system
  • Inner ductile cast iron shield lid with bolted closure provides the same shielding as the container body
  • Steel outer transport lid with verifiable seals and bolted closure
  • Filtered vent in both lids to allow gas release but prevent particulate escape
  • A process port is provided on the inner shield lid

Approved Contents

As a non-fissile Type IP-2 transport package, the 200 litre SAFSTORE is designed to carry solid radioactive materials that qualify as either Low Specific Activity (LSA) or Surface Contaminated Objects (SCO).

As a Type-B package the 200 litre SAFSTORE is designed for a wide range of solid ILW materials (including unconditioned wastes).

Modes of Transport

By road or rail.

Physical Data


200 litre SAFSTORE-100

Design No 4036

200 litre SAFSTORE-200

Design No 4037

200 litre SAFSTORE-300

Design No 4007

Shield Wall Thickness (mm) 100 200 300

External Dimensions

(Diameter x Height) mm

Ø1,220 x 1,575 Ø1,220 x 1,575 Ø1,220 x 1,575

Internal Dimensions

(Diameter x Height) mm

Ø1,020 x 1,300 Ø820 x 1,100 Ø620 x 900
Internal Volume (m3) 1.2 0.6 0.3
Weight Empty (tonne) 5 9 11

All dimensions and weights are nominal values

(ILW-IP-Type B-4007-4036-4037-200L SAFSTORE-OCT15)