Design No: CU112B
Cavity: 71mm x 76mm (inner)

Contents: Samples, Liquids, Solids
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Package Type

Designed as a re-usable Type A package for the shipment of solid or liquid samples.


The package meets the requirements for DOT Spec 7A Type A Packages as defined in 49 CFR (HM 181) and IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


The SAFDRUM is designed to be robust and simple to use.  The package consists of a stainless steel open head Outer Drum (Design No CU112) which carries a stainless steel and lead Shielding Pot (Design No CU105) within polyethylene foam packing.

The Outer Drum is a stainless steel MIL Spec 30 gal drum fitted with a bolted flange type lid.

The Shielding Pot is a lead filled vessel having a fabricated stainless steel shell and cavity walls and a bolted flange closure fitted with an O–ring seal.


The containment system is the Shielding Pot, with the containment being provided by the stainless cavity walls and the bolted flange closure fitted with an O–ring seal.  The lid is provided with a test point for periodic leakage testing.

Section through Package Design No CU112B

Section through Package Design No CU112B

Approved Contents

  • Solid or liquid contents may be carried.  Suitable primary containers are required for liquid contents
  • Maximum contents weight of Shielding Pot (including the weight of any packing or additional shielding) is 5 lb (2.3 kg)
  • Radioactive contents are limited to A1 for material in special form and A2 for open form material, with the additional requirement that the external radiation levels of the package, during routine and normal conditions of transport, as loaded and presented for transport, are within regulatory limits

Physical Data


Outer Drum

Design No CU112


Shielding Pot

Design No CU105

External Diameter

External Height



523 mm

699 mm



241 mm

248 mm

Internal Diameter

Internal Height



460 mm

666 mm



71 mm

76 mm

Tare Weight 37 lb 17 kg 22 lb 10 kg 234 lb 106 kg
Weight of empty package 293 lb 133 kg
Maximum Weight of Package Design No CU112B including Contents 298 lb 136 kg