Design No: 3970A
Cavity: 299mm x 463mm (inner)

Contents: Samples, Liquids, Solids
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Package Type

Designed as a Type A Package to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.


Certified as a general-purpose Type A package for the carriage of radionuclides in solid or liquid form.


The SAFDRUM is designed as a reusable package and manufactured from stainless steel to give a long service life. The SAFDRUM consists of an Outer Container Drum (Design No 3970), which carries a re-sealable Inner Containment Can (Design No 3971) within shock absorbing packing.

The Outer Container Drum has a fabricated stainless steel body and pressed steel lid held in place with a painted steel closing band.

The Inner Containment Can is a resealable stainless steel containment can, which carries the radioactive contents in suitable primary containers. When contents are liquids, (within syringes, etc,) absorbent material, which is to be provided, must be fitted inside the can.  When the contents are bottles or vials, these may be packed in plastic bags/containers, or carried in lead pots when additional shielding is required.


The containment system consists of the Containment Can. When liquids are carried, they are to be immobilised within the containment system using absorber or primary containment. A wide range of primary packaging (including lead pots used with bottles or vials) can be used, provided the packaging conforms to the specification referenced in the approval certificate.

Section through Package Design No 3970A

Section through Package Design No 3970A

Approved Contents

  • Radioactive material, in liquid or solid form. A variety of sealed primary containers can be used with liquid contents (e.g. vials). Absorbent material must be used with primary containers that are not sealed (e.g. syringes)
  • Liquid contents are limited to a maximum volume of 26 litres when packed in suitable sealed primary containers
  • Maximum contents weight of Containment Can, including additional shielding, is 64kg
  • The contents are also limited to A1 for material in special form and A2 for other material, with the additional requirement that the external radiation levels of the package, during routine and normal conditions of transport, as consigned for transport, are within regulatory limits

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea, air and inland waterway.

Physical Data


Outer Container

Design No 3970

Inner Container

Design No 3971

External Diameter (mm)

External Height (mm)





Internal Diameter (mm)

Internal Height (mm)





Weight (kg) 15 24
Weight of Packing (kg) 10
Maximum Weight of Package Design No 3970A including Contents (kg) 113

(GP-Type A-3970A-SAFDRUM-OCT15)