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Design No: 4089A
Cavity: 120mm x 155mm (inner)

Contents: Samples, Liquids, Solids
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Package Type

Designed as a Type A Package to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material for single use shipments.


Certified as a Type A package for the carriage of radionuclides in solid or in liquid form (with absorber fitted for liquid contents).


The SAFDRUM consists of an Outer Container Drum (Design No 4089) which carries a resealable leak-tight Inner Container (Design No 4106) within a foam impact limiter.

The Outer Container Drum is manufactured from polyethylene and has a tamper evident closure.

The Inner Container is manufactured from polypropylene with an EPDM seal and facility for fitting a tamper evident seal.


The radioactive material may be packed in up to four primary containers, such as vials or polythene bottles, which may be carried in small shielding pots if required.  The primary containers can be housed within packing in the resealable leak-tight Inner Container.

The containment system is provided by the resealable, leak-tight Inner Container.

Illustration of Package Design No 4089A


Approved Contents

  • Solids and Powders (loose or compressed) up to A2 quantities
  • Liquids up to a maximum volume of 80cm3 (with absorbent packaging)
  • Maximum weight of contents (including primary containers) for liquids 2.1kg
  • Maximum weight of contents (including primary containers) for solids 3.1kg

Modes of Transport

By road, rail, sea, air and inland waterway.

Physical Data



Outer Container

Design No 4089

Inner Container

Design No 4106

External Diameter (mm)

External Height (mm)





Internal Diameter (mm)

Internal Height (mm)



Weight (kg) 0.6 0.3
Maximum Weight of Package Design No 4089A including Contents (kg) 4.0 for solids or 3.0 for liquids


 (GP-Type A-4089A-SAFDRUM_SEPT18)