Croft’s 4m Safstore, 2m Safstore and 2m half height Safstore receive Letter of Compliance (LoC).

Members of Croft’s family of Safstores (4m Safstore, 2m Safstore and 2m half height Safstore) received a Letter of Compliance (LoC) issued by the Radioactive Waste Management Directorate of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (RWMD, NDA).

Croft have developed a range of shielded packages (called Safstores and Safboxes) manufactured in ductile cast iron that can be used for onsite storage of ILW. These packages offer an economic alternative to using unshielded waste packages in shielded facilities, they are designed to provide shielding and to meet all current transport and disposal requirements after an extended period of on-site storage. As robust containers they also offer opportunities to minimise conditioning of the waste form (dependent on form).

A Letter of Compliance submission has been made to RWMD NDA for other members of the Safstore range.

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