Croft Associates has received conceptual Letters of Compliance (“cLOCs”) for all the standard products in its newly launched Safstore range of ductile cast iron containers.

The cLoCs from the Radioactive Waste Management Division (“RWMD”) of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority cover the 3m3 Safstore-C, R, S, and M products, the MA Safstore and Minibox and the 200litre and 500litre Safstores. The 2m half height, 2m and 4m Safstores all received cLOCs in February 2012.

There are three stages in the process of disposability assessment: conceptual, interim and final, and each one requires a methodical, structured approach following RWMD processes.

Clive Beattie, CEO at Croft, said: “The cLoCs are an important validation of the high quality of the Safstore containers. Our Safstore range is designed to provide improved waste-centric solutions to customers to more effectively manage their waste storage and decommissioning programmes. However as the responsible Design Authority we have developed the Safstore range to provide a disposal solution as an additional benefit to customers. The issue of cLoCs by RWMD is a crucial step in ensuring that, once packaged with waste, the Safstore containers will receive final Letters of Compliance for ultimate disposal.”

Croft launched the Safstore range in May 2013 following months of development and the production of its first Safstore units in the Spring.

The range has been designed to meet the waste-centric approach that the nuclear industry is now embracing with regard to storage, transport and disposal of Intermediate Level Waste (“ILW”) in order to accelerate hazard reduction and decommissioning, and lower costs.

The range includes containers for low specific activity materials and surface contaminated items such as the 4m, 2m and 2m half-height Safstores as well as containers for Type B contents (200 litre and 500 litre Safstores, and 3m3 Safstores). The technically robust packages are made from ductile cast iron and contain a number of unique Croft design features to optimise management of ILW, over which Croft has a patent pending. They represent a new generation in design that provides significant advantages over earlier generation containers which relied predominantly on concrete for containment and high performance.

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