When it comes to dealing with radioactive materials and wastes, you should always demand the very highest levels of quality to ensure safety through authenticated processes.

We work closely with the Competent Authorities to ensure all our package designs are in line with United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency regulations, the US Code of Federal Regulations for the transportation of radioactive materials and wastes, and have Competent Authority Approval.

Our Quality Management System (QMS), covering all aspects of the design, manufacture, testing and licensing of packaging for radioactive materials is certified to ISO 9001 and is audited by the British Standards Institution and the UK Competent Authority (Radioactive Materials Transport Team at the Office for Nuclear Regulation).

The QMS is also certified to 10 CFR Part 71 by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and covers all aspects of design, manufacture, testing and licensing of packaging and support services.

We have a strong ethos within the company for always making things safer, more effective and more reliable.

We have over 150 customers across the world, including...