We provide a broad range of specialist services including design, testing, licensing, supply and maintenance of packaging.  We understand that no two projects are the same; so our services cover the provision of packaging from a comprehensive range of standard products through to the bespoke designs to support specific customer requirements.  Everything we produce is in line with the IAEA Regulations for Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, and our processes and products are approved by regulatory bodies.

For over 40 years since our founding in 1980, we have established a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise and experience.

This foundation supports our focus and ability to be able to provide innovative, robust solutions that meet our customers’ needs and protect  people and the environment.

Without doubt, our biggest asset is our people.  As professional engineers and scientists our capabilities, skills and extensive industry experience enable us to deliver innovative solutions time after time.  We also take a lead role in setting UK industry standards, and input to the review and update of regulations.

Globally, as industry leaders, our approach and ethos has made us influential in the way radioactive materials and wastes are managed today.  This recognition benefits all our customers and provides confidence in our services.

In summary, we offer dedicated, customer focused and cost-effective solutions that guarantee you complete peace of mind now and in the future.

We have over 150 customers across the world, including...